Our History

Our History

The Gallery, at its beginnings Galleria Accademia, was funded in 1969 by Pietro Barsi, originally from Rome who had graduated in philosophy and art history. Thanks to his culture, simplicity and discretion, he managed to become part of the artistic environment of Piedmont of the 1970s. During those years he would visit regularly the painters in Turin, establishing with them a relationship of mutual esteem and profound human and artistic acquaintance.

Luca Barsi, who grew up in this environment next to his father, quickly became passionate with the artistic world and was capable to transmit his own mark, by opening the doors of the Gallery to the artists of Forma Uno –Piero Dorazio, Carla Accardi, Achille Perilli–, to the artworks of Emilio Scanavino, Mario Schifano and Alighiero Boetti, and to international artists such as Joseph Albers, Hans Hartung, Wilfredo Lam, Christo and Andy Wahol.

To Luca, who now directs the Gallery, it is absolutely important to follow the same philosophy that belonged to his father: establishing human relationships that have at their core a deep knowledge of the sector and true passion for culture and arts.

In response to the strong and growing interest that exists for modern art and that arises from clients, each time more varied, international and with specific needs, Luca Barsi has established a team of collaborators that best can respond to these new circumstances.

From 2016 Galleria Accademia has become Galleria Accademia Torino to emphasize the valorisation of the artistic movements that belong to the territory where the Gallery is located, in parallel with its specialisation in the artistic movements of the 1900 and contemporary. Galleria Accademia Torino intends therefore to establish collaborations with galleries and institutions both in Italy and internationally, with the objective to introduce and valorise artistic movements that rose after World War Two until these days.