About Us

About Us

Galleria Accademia Torino is one of the main private art galleries in Italy and is located in the city centre of Turin.

The Gallery is directed by Luca Barsi who has over twenty years of experience in modern and contemporary art. Luca has a particular interest towards the artistic movements from the 1950s onwards.

Among the artworks that are present in the Gallery are those of Felice Casorati and Giorgio De Chirico, of Massimo Campigli, Ottone Rosai e Carlo CarrĂ ; those of the Roman Forma Uno Group (Piero Dorazio, Carla Accardi, Achille Perilli, Antonio Sanfilippo, Giulio Turcato), artworks of Emilio Scanavino, Mario Schifano and Alighiero Boetti, and of international artists such as Joseph Albers, Hans Hartung, Wilfredo Lam, Karel Appel and Alberto Magnelli. Artists of the Italian Novecento are also represented with Renato Guttuso, Lucio Fontana, Mario Sironi and Filippo De Pisis. Last but not least are the artworks of the most relevant artists of the Arte Povera.

Gallaria Accademia Torino counts among its clients private collectors and public institutions, and offers a wide portfolio of services that include the valuation of artworks, search and acquisition of pieces, tailored advisory for the creation and valorisation of private collections, and collaboration with galleries and institutions both in Italy and internationally.

The gallery should have a cultural function for those individuals who aspire to approach this new environment, an environment that can provoke such intense emotions. Luca Barsi

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